About us

At Fnbox, our mission is to build a world class company that becomes a powerhouse of technology and innovation in the region. Our plan is to continually solve problems for our customers and leverage our know-how and assets to maximize shareholder value.

Every day we reach millions of people, complete thousands of transactions and our products make the lives of our customers more productive and enjoyable.

Fnbox was founded in June 2002. We raised 6MM investment from VC and private investors in 2008. We are organized as a holding company that manages various online businesses.

Fnbox's name comes from the FN button in the keyboard that has many purposes.

"If things seem under control, you're not going fast enough" Mario Andretti

Our team

Rodrigo Teijeiro

Founder, CEO

Since adolescence Rodrigo has developed his entrepreneurial streak. In 1997 he won, among 700 teams, "The Business Junior Achievement Contest" whose final round took place in Japan.

Rodrigo was part of the Group of 2.0 Leaders at the 2009 and 2010 edition of the World Economic Forum of Davos, where he was both a panelist and speaker. He also presented to the MBA in the MIT Sloan Latin Conference, an event that gathers more than 500 influential leaders from business, government, academic, and society in Latin America. Rodrigo participates in several NGOs, and has lectured on entrepreneurship, internet and innovation in Stanford, MBA Udesa and MBA Cema.

He graduated as Bachelor in Business Administration from the University of Southern California (US) and also studied Economics at Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina). Rodrigo loves "impossible" challenges and enjoys flying his kiteboard since 2000.

Álvaro Teijeiro

Co-Founder and CTO

During the past 7 years, Alvaro has led the technological development of large-scale social applications, voice over IP and e-commerce platforms. Prior to joining the company, Álvaro participated in several internet start-ups and specialized in search engine marketing and related technologies.

In 2004 Álvaro received a Bacherlor’s Degree in Business Administration from Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina).

Gustavo Victorica

Chief Financial Officer

Gustavo is responsible for Investor Relations, Reporting to the Board, Corporate Restructuring, Capital Raising, USGAAP Audit and VoIP Product Strategy. Before entering to the company he worked for PricewaterhouseCoopers in their Transfer Pricing division.

He studied Economics at Universidad de San Andrés (Argentina), having spent one semester at The Warthon School from the University of Pennsylvania (Penn), where he specialized in corporate finances.

Gustavo is a problem solver and during his free time he is an amateur chef and guitar player.


The company has raised 6 million dollars for a minority stake from DN Capital and renowned Angel/private investors.

Institutional investors

DN Capital
Steve Schlenker
Managing Partner, DN Capital
Nenad Marovac
Managing Partner, DN Capital

Private investors

Fabrice Grinda
Alec Oxenford
Martín Varsavsky
Founder, FON
Romero Rodrigues
Co-Founder, CEO & Director, BuscaPé.com
Constancio Larguía
Founding Partner & President, Weemba
Pablo Larguía
Founder & CEO, La Red Innova
Stephan Paternot
Co-Founder & President, PalmStar Entertainment
Jon Staenberg
Founder, Emicus.com
Damián Voltes
CEO, Patagonia Ventures
José Marín
Founding Partner, IG Expansión
Jacques-Christophe Blouzard
CEO, Wonderbox.fr / LWGroup
Marco Giberti
President of Reed Exhibitions Latin America. Entrepreneur.
Senior Advisor of Fox Networks
Santiago Pinto Escalier
Founder, Bumeran.com
Douglas Choi
Founder, TangoLaw.com
Former General Counsel and Secretary of Isilon System


Anil H.P. Pereira
Founder, President & CEO, SecondSpace (now DataSphere)
José Vargas
President, Healthcare.com